Dell Stewart and Adam Cruickshank. May 2011.

The notion of work is much contested. While work is encouraged on all levels and has been a part of human experience for thousands of years (excepting a select few), the recent pursuit of work's other – leisure, pleasure, fun – is constantly foregrounded as a space which is more emotionally and spiritually worthwhile. But is work always in opposition to leisure?

"Work can be zero even when there is a force. The centripetal force in a uniform circular motion, for example, does zero work since the kinetic energy of the moving object doesn't change." – Wikipedia entry on Work (physics).

What happens to the notion of work in this instance? The moving object is both working and not working. It exists in a limbo similar to the production of art.

Adam and Dell have produced a range of works for this show at Mr Kitly. Dell's ceramic and fabric works are built partially from the perspective that working is thinking and the dextral, meditative processes involved are simultaneously the work and the leisure. Adam's drawings and Power Candles confront ritualised systems through which we can apparently buy into an easy slipstream of higher states of being, bypassing the need for work.