TREE LOG PAPER BOOK is a series of publications and exhibitions curated by Dell Stewart. Based on the premise of a word association game, it plays on the sometimes random and arbitrary nature of artistic and curatorial decision making. It exists as a poetic experiment and a loose organizing principle. Each iteration begins with a one-word provocation, which feature in a new publication launch or exhibition, followed by a series of public programs. As a curatorial premise it prioritizes collaboration and the creation of new work, creating opportunities for both artists and writers. Developing new means of exhibiting and working are crucial in helping artists build and nurture an ongoing, sustainable practice.

This project stems from my interests in self-sufficiency, DIY, feminism, activism, experimental music, hospitality and community engagement. As a whole, my practice engages with and redirects materials and networks both personally through my studio practice and on a collective level through collaboration and curation. In this instance the two are inextricably linked, with studio practice informing my consideration of both artists and themes for exhibition and publication. I envision the series as a growing network. Looping back and feeding into an ongoing and growing document and community of practice.

HEAD is an exhibition in gallery one at Bus Projects in November 2019. It features the work of Luccreccia Quintanella, Lichen Kelp, Glenn Barkley and Alison Murray. There will be a publication of the same name launched during the exhibition, the second in this series. It will feature writing and artists pages in response to the works exhibited.

ROCK is an exhibition in gallery three at Bus Projects in November 2019. It will feature work from John Brooks, Dell Stewart, Rachael Hooper. The works in the exhibition will feature in the third publication titled ROCK to be completed and launched in 2020. It will also feature work from other artists and writers in response to these works and the theme.